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Are you looking for an interesting job associated with the solution of challenging tasks? In such a case, our company is what you need!

We offer:
Interesting projects; A positive work environment;
Possible business trips abroad; Friendly team.

We expect:
Knowledge of English (not lower than upper intermediate level);
Desire to study and grow professionally;
Hard work and responsibility.

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  • 3D Computer Vision Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • 3D JS Front-End Engineer
  • 3D Computer Vision Engineer (Kharkiv/Wroclaw/Remote)
    We are Jazzros, and we help our clients to develop solutions for Industry 4.0.

    We’re passionate about helping our clients to develop outstanding solutions that change our world. Within our team, you will develop advanced 3D Scanning & Reconstruction Computer Vision Algorithms for handhold 3D scanning solution. This is an opportunity to apply your cross-functional skillsets, creativity, and experience in 3D Geometry, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

    What you’ll do:

    - Develop advanced 3D data processing algorithms for 3D sensing devices (e.g. polarization, time-of-flight sensors, etc);
    - Develop new algorithms for filtering the 3D point cloud;
    - Develop 2D/3D object recognition algorithms using RGB and point cloud data;
    - Benchmark algorithms based on speed, accuracy, and robustness.


    - Graduate degree in Computer Science, Math or Physics;
    - Experience with developing software in C++ and Python;
    - Solid knowledge of Computer Vision theory (features, matching, segmentation);
    - Solid understanding of Epipolar Geometry;
    - Experience working with 3D Point clouds (registration, filtration);
    - Solid experience working with OpenCV.

    Nice to have:

    - Experience working with PCL (Point Cloud Library);
    - Experience working with ToF (Time of Flight) and polarization sensors;
    - Experience with machine or deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, Keras).
    Required skills & experience
    • Math
    • Computer Vision theory
    • C++/Python
    • Computational Geometry
    nice to have
    • PCL
    • AI/ML
    • Keras/Tensorflow
    QA Engineer (Kharkiv/Wroclaw/Remote)
    Jazzros is dedicated to innovating in the solar industry and we're currently accepting resumes for the QA engineering position.

    Are you interested in Green Alternative Energy?
    Would you like to build a new cutting-edge Photovoltaic (PV) 3D design software?

    Within one of our dedicated teams, you will be responsible for creating and implementation of test strategies for solar plants CAD products and utilities.

    - Minimum a bachelor's degree or equivalent;
    - Knowledge of methodology, tools, and processes for quality assurance;
    - Experience in setting up and running tests;
    - Knowledge or experience of CAD software (AutoCAD / BricsCAD) or any other;
    - Excellent social skills.

    Nice to have:
    - Experience with tests automatization (C# or Python);
    - Strong engineering background.
    Required skills & experience
    • Bachelor's degree
    • QA methodology
    • CAD background
    nice to have
    • C#.NET
    • Python
    3D JS Front-End Engineer (Kharkiv/Wroclaw/Remote)
    We're expanding our client base and seeking creative developers from Poland or Ukraine to build a new team and work on the world's first social platform for collaborative product development.

    The Role:

    The company is a fast-growing international startup shaping the future of how products are designed, prototyped, and manufactured. Inspired by the workflows of agile and open-source software development they have built a platform that connects the next generation of product developers with one another. It offers a 3D CAD Viewer compatible with over 30 file formats, a documentation system, a version control drive, and a feedback system. It is also a web publishing tool for blogs and has social functionalities including likes, views, shares, and discussion forums. You'll be part of a team working closely with cutting-edge product designers, incubators, and manufacturers to understand their needs and build tools that help them accelerate the product development of hardware.

    What You will do:

    - Design and implement user interfaces that make complex interactions feel simple and easy;
    - Collaborate with the engineering team to bring interfaces to life;
    - Help iterate and improve the performance and usability of the existing platform.


    - User experience design and user interface design expertise;
    - Technical capabilities in HTML, CSS, and modern Javascript;
    - Capability to create design systems for the wider team to utilize when creating interfaces;
    - Excellent English, good communication skills, and a team-oriented approach;
    - Enthusiasm for building game-changing online collaboration software and infrastructure for a new industrial model;
    - Remote working.

    Nice to Have:

    - Experience using React, StyledComponents, or GraphQL;
    - 3D user interface experience;
    - Strong engineering background (for example, experience with CAD environment, product design technics, etc.).
    Required skills & experience
    • User experience design and user interface design expertise
    • Javascript
    nice to have
    • React
    • StyledComponents
    • GraphQL
    • 3D user interface experience
    • Strong engineering background (CAD etc)

    However, if you think that you may be of service to our company,
    we will ask you to suggest us considering you for employment.

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