The Big Power of Small Wins

The Big Power of Small Wins

The 3D printed insoles below is a small but important milestone for us at Jazzros.

Over the last several months our R&D team has been working hard on our latest internal development for Additive Manufacturing - a cloud-based 3D Parametric Modeling solution. The software was used to create an accurate model of an insole from parameters and prepare it for 3D Printing.

We are grateful to our team for bringing us to a stage where we can physically interact with the fruits of our labor.

Although there is a lot more work to be done, our solution is already a much faster, lighter, and cheaper alternative to conventional 3D parametric modeling systems. Combined with our 3D Scanning expertise, the software solution we developed can be used to model and prepare any personalized object for 3D printing, from swimming goggles and earphones to medical casts and footwear.

It is important to recognize progress, no matter how small each step may seem. Our updates on the project have attracted inquiries from potential partners and we are excited to see how our technology and expertise will be used to help them.


Borys Dubenko

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