3D JS Front-End Developer

3D JS Front-End Developer

3D JS Front-End Developer Needed (Kharkiv).

Are you interested in Green Alternative Energy?
Would you like to build a new cutting-edge Photovoltaic (PV) 3D design software on the web?

Jazzros takes part in the development of Industry 4.0 software projects.
We'are expanding our team and seeking a hands-on front-end developer (Vue.js) and 3D in the web (WebGL/Three.js/Babylon.js) with normal expertise and regular knowledge of back-end (Node.js).


Key responsibilities:

- Develop JS-based web applications for automating the engineering processes related to the design & creation of solar systems;

- Troubleshoot issues as needed;

- Collaborate with Product Manager about new features and bug fixes;
- Improving, developing & deploying web applications, development process & release practices;
- Assisting with performance testing setups/executions.

Front-end skills:
1. Vue.js and Vuex or React and Redux;
2. JavaScript ES6;
3. WebGL (Three.js or babylon.js).

Knowledge at AWS, Node.js, Apache, MongoDB, TypeScript, and CAD systems would be a PLUS!

Good self-management skills.
Good English and communicative skills.

Learn! Ask questions, discuss ideas, research new technologies, stay up to date.




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